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Strength and Conditioning

strength and conditioning

At Physio Tullamore our prehab and rehab programs are individualised and tailored to the client depending on their injuries and level of sport

Physio Tullamore have extensive exeprience in Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning. Strength training provides many benefits including increased bone, muscle, tendon & ligament durability, improved joint function and reductions in potential injury and cardiac disease. At the clinic our programs are individualised and tailored to the client depending on their injuries & requirements for amateur and elite athletes.

What is the role of Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning coaches have two primary goals. The first is to improve athletic performance, which usually means improving athletes’ speed, strength,and power (although specifics vary according to athlete and sport). Conditioning coaches develop systematic training programs for both teams and individual athletes, often working in close association with coaches. This usually includes teaching proper lifting techniques, supervising and motivating athletes as they work out, and assessing their performance before and after the program. The nature of the conditioning program will vary depending on whether the sport is in season or not. During the off-season, conditioning programs can be quite rigorous. In season, conditioning programs tend to focus more on maintaining athletes’ conditioning than on improving it. Conditioning programs also vary by sport, and even by position within the sport.

The second primary goal is to reduce athletic injuries. To that end, conditioning coaches often design regimens to strengthen body parts that are prone to injury in a particular sport. Thus to prevent athletes from getting injured during training, conditioning coaches must know the correct exercise and lifting techniques and be able to teach them to athletes. The conditioning coach also monitors athletes’ general health, sometimes providing nutritional advice or referring athletes to a registered dietitian if they need more sophisticated nutritional counseling.

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