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Tendon Pain


Many runners have experienced tendon injury during their running careers. Physio Tullamore are experts in the treatment and management of tendon pain

There are various types of injuries that can occur with tendons such as an acute tendon pain or a degenerative tendon injury (tendonosis) where there is a internal cell changes of the tendon. They usually will experience stiffness after rest, being worse in the morning and making the stairs difficult to descend. Once the tendon is warmed up it becomes less uncomfortable and the athlete is able to continue running. The problem here is that they will not address the problem because it doesn’t stop them from running, so the tendon gradually gets worse.

It is important to get an expert diagnosis of the tendon. Physio Tullamore will take note of the history and look for some tell-tale signs such as a localised area of tendon stiffness and a fusiform swelling.

At Physio Tullamore we offer the latest evidence based treatments for tendon pain – For degenerative tendon pain we use Shockwave Therapy which re initiates the healing process to promote healthy cell growth, this is particularly a very effective treatment for the long standing tendon pain.

Shockwave Therapy
Other treatments include soft tissue mobilisation techniques, tendon strengthening exercises and biomechanical assessment. It is also vital to assess biomechanics to eliminate abnormal stresses. This involves not only their running technique, but also their alignment and control on the affected leg. Mal-alignment, weakness or ‘collapsing’ slightly on that side would be contributing to tendon overload and tendon pain.

In addition to exercises specific to that runner’s unique biomechanics, it is also important to strengthen the tendon involved. At Physio Tullamore we prescribe appropriate loading exercises designed to target the tendon and gradually increase the volume so the tendon becomes stronger and more able to deal with load.

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