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Sports Injuries


We have many patients who travel the length and bredth of the country to seek an opinion they trust on all types of sports injurys. This type of trust does not come easily or is regarded lightly.

It comes from us trying to do the best for our patients at all times and being honest and open about the problem and the solution. We do not offer gimicks or false promises.

Sports injury is an odd concept in a way because it really means an injury that is sustained whilst playing sport. Mechanically a sprained ankle walking the dog is the same as a sprained ankle playing rugby. However it is fair to say that the level of rehab required is different. The demands on the control, strength and flexibility of a rugby playing ankle is much more than the dog walking one. The concept therefore of a Sports Injury is in the appreciation of the goals of the Rehabilitation.

As our practice has worked with the highest levels of athletes in the world – Olympic & Para Olympic athletes, Inter County Gaelic Players, Professional Rugby Players & Professional Golfers we understand the concept of elite sport. As many of us have also participated in Sport with various levels of success we know what it feels to be on the ‘pointy’ end of rehab and injury.

Some of the common Sports Injuries treated at Physio Tullamore include;

Foot pain – Plantar fasciitis, Bruised heel

Ankle pain – Sprained ankle, Broken ankle, Achilles tendonitis

Lower leg – Shin splints, Calf strain

Thigh pain – Hamstring strain, Thigh strain, Contusion

Knee pain – ACL injury, Jumpers knee, Patella pain syndrome, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease

Hip & groin – Groin strain, Piriformis syndrome, Gilmore’s groin, Hernia

Lower back – Sacroiliac joint pain, Muscle strains, Sciatica

Shoulder pain – Rotator cuff tear, AC joint sprain, Impingement syndrome, Dislocated shoulder

Elbow pain – Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow

Wrist & hand – Wrist sprain, Broken wrist, Finger sprain, Thumb sprain

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