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Low back pain is an unpleasant and debilitating condition that affects a high proportion (58-84 per cent) of all adults.

There are many causes of back pain these may include soft tissue injury such as muscle and ligament damage, bone or joint irritation, or discogenic pain. As a result the symptoms you feel can be extremely varied and are not always ‘painful’. Pins and needles, numbness, burning, aching and muscular fatigue can all be reported in the lower limbs in response to a problem in your spine, sometimes even if you do not have back pain. More commonly however is a focal point of pain in your lower back or a generalised deep ache that may cover both sides and even into your buttocks.

If you have spine or back pain and experience any change in your bowel or bladder control you should contact your GP or Accident and Emergency immediately for further investigations and/or advice.

Physiotherapy is widely acknowledged in the treatment of low back pain and our very experienced team of therapists can provide accurate assessments allowing advice and treatment to be individualised to your own specific complaint. If we feel you complaint warrants a more specialist opinion or investigation then this will be discussed with you and the appropriate arrangements made.

For more information on this topic or for all general queries please contact Physio Tullamore 0579329111 – We are experts in Back Pain Treatment – Physio Tullamore:

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